Rémy was born in 1983 in Paris, France.

As a child, Rémy dreamed of becoming an astronaut, he fantasized about soaring through the black vacuum of space, travelling to distant stars,

bounding across the lunar soil, and contemplating the beauty of planet Earth in complete stillness.

mendel Remy bond.jpg

Remy Mendel. Paris.2021

Today Rémy’s dream-life has grown into a massive body of creative Artworks, which can be seen at his arts invites us into the hallucinatory universe animated by Paintings and sculptures of a rare beauty, which strike us with their essential and pure esthetic quality. The goal is to transport us to a place where time is simply suspended and conventional modes of perception are disrupted.


Rémy’s lunar work makes use of contemporary codes while questioning the seemingly universal idioms of advertising and pop culture. 

Commonplace images and objects of our consumerist society are reconfigured in the search for a poetic meaning.. Rémy appropriates and radically transforms these symbols, propelling us into a dimension of experience beyond that of our everyday routines, 

Remy’s artworks shuttles us into a new lunar universe. At the project’s core is a series of gigantic portraits of pop culture icons, appear dressed in NASA space suits, surrounded by cosmic landscapes, whether imaginary or monochromatic. Through these lysergic displacements of imagery, Rémy pays discreet homage to these giants of the public imagination, while at the same time questioning their status and influence in our society.

Through his art and creativity, Rémy encourages us to fulfill our own childhood dreams, by inviting us into a sort of surreal Embassy of the imaginary lunar world on a trajectory envisioned by the poet Charles Baudelaire,

“Beyond the sun, beyond the ethers, beyond the confines of the starry spheres.”

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